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Gyokuro Asahi Rare Green Tea

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Regular Price: $36.70

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Gyokuro Asahi Rare Green Tea

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Tea Details


Gyokuro green tea is considered the finest green tea in Japan. It is only made from the youngest buds of the spring harvest and then undergoes a rigorous preparation process. 

The tea plants that Gyokuro comes from are covered in 90% shade for twenty days before harvesting, reducing the amount of chlorophyll the plant produces and changing the ratio of chemicals in the leaves, dramatically impacting the flavor and aroma of the tea. 

After the tea is harvested it is steamed, rolled, air-dried, and rolled again. The tea is then sorted by grade: the best leaves are selected for Gyokuro. The leaves undergo more rolling and drying, until they eventually take their end form, resembling small thin pine needles.

Taste and appearance:

The small, thin rolled leaves of Gyokuro make for a sweet cup of tea with a pleasant aroma, particularly lacking in the bitterness found in lower grade teas.


Teaflection recommends brewing Gyokuro carefully to bring out it's full flavor. The ideal temperature for brewing Gyokuro ranges from 122 to 140 degrees fahrenheit, and the ideal ratio of tea to water is 3 teaspoons per cup. 

Green tea health benefits:

Green teas are famous for their health benefits which derive from a large amount of antioxidants. Green tea may contribute to heart health, weight loss, and healthy skin as well as potentially lowering your risk for diabetes or cancer.


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